This question was answered on Fri 24, Dec 2010 08:27pm by Dr. Srivastava

Vibration in pelvic area means?

Asked by kimber72 (Female; 38 ) on Fri 24, Dec 2010 05:49am
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Vibration in pelvic area means?

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Answer by Dr. Srivastava  on Fri 24, Dec 2010 08:27pm:

Hi, Your vibration symptoms at pelvic area could be related to diabetes, thyroid dysfunction, Vitamin B complex deficiency, neurological disorder or if you are any vibration jobs (like drilling etc). Nerve studies and nerve test may be helpful to further evaluate the condition. I would recommend evaluating the possibilities here with the help of a doctor. Further referral to a neurologist or endocrinologist may be required to assess the condition. For additional doubts and a detailed discussion you may live chat with one of our specialist at I hope it helps.

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Comment by kim on Sun 26, Dec 2010 04:32am:
I do not have any job that is related to any sort of vibration. it seems to happen more when i sit or lay down and if a cough at all it automatically happens.

Comment by Dr A Srivastava on Sun 26, Dec 2010 06:59am:
Hi there, Thank you for posting your query to website. I can understand your worrying concern, however just having a symptom like vibration (as tingling) at pelvic area may indicate towards any nerve impingement or any neuropathy or any circulatory disorder. However, it is quite difficult to say anything precisely unless we get the opportunity to have your detailed examination and investigations. First, you consult a physician to get your blood sugar done to rule out diabetes related neuropathy that is most common cause of tingling sensation. Besides spinal deformities or disc herniation leads to nerve impingement causing radiation of such tingling/vibration sensations to leg/hip areas. It requires CT/MRI scan to rule out above mentioned conditions. In addition circulatory disorders may also results in such symptoms. My sincere advice is to consult a physician and then a specialist for a better insight of your situation. I hope it helps.

Comment by Dr Sheetal Kaul on Sun 26, Dec 2010 09:33am:
Hi there! As Dr. Srivastava mentioned the first thing that one would need to rule out would be a peripheral nerve damage or neuropathy. Usually this would be accompanied with altered sensation around the pelvic area and could occur in diabetes, micronutrient deficiency or chronic chemical poisoning. While you mention that it happens when you lie down and cough, it would also raise the possibility of a fluid collection or a mass around that region that might transmit the cough impulses causing the vibratory sensation. Also ?pelvic inflammatory diseases? would need to be ruled out. In case there are no other altered sensations I would advise to begin work-up with a gynaecologist to look for pathologies around that region. If everything turns out fine, one may move to get evaluated for neurological causes. Hope this helps. Please feel free to post any further queries that you may have. Take care!

Comment by Cin on Tue 13, Mar 2012 08:40am:
I am having vibration, tingling in my pelvic right side and also down my left leg but feel it mostly in my left foot. Ive had a blood test to rule out diabetes. I do have elevated cholesterol. Ive had an MRI that showed numerous white matter lesions bilaterally but the doctor ruled out MS because of no symptoms. This vibration just started recently, could this be a symptom of MS?

Comment by sam on Wed 04, Jul 2012 08:22am:
Iv not long started having this "virbrating " feeling in my pelvis. iv noticed it more and more now, as it happens all day every day with a few breaks. Iv 2 prolasped dics in the lumber area of the 4th and 5th disc, could this have any thing to do with this wired feeling im having?? Answers would really help, as my doctor is lazy and just tells me it will go away.

Comment by Shubha on Tue 10, Jul 2012 12:36am:
I have same feeling in my pelvis from a week, I am 32 yrs and from my period should start from a week before itself, I know that I am not pregant and is this tremour relatated to the periods and any other causes.

Comment by Dessie Herbert on Tue 21, Aug 2012 09:19am:
For me I have a vibrating sensation in pelvic. It actually feels like and sometimes if I have my cell phone in my pocket it feels as though it is a cell ringing. I have chest pains occasionally with shortness of breath. A narrow main artery was discovered during an exam. Could this be related ? I have had these symptoms if vibration for about 1 month. I am 54 yr old female.

Comment by Gill on Fri 01, Mar 2013 11:47am:
I have just started having these vibrating feelings in the pelvic area although it seems I'm not alone no one has come up with a proper explanation

Comment by Jen on Wed 06, Mar 2013 11:20pm:
I have the same problem as everyone else here is having. It began 5 days ago and hasn't stopped since- it's a constant vibrating feeling in my pelvic area. It's horrible, I can't sleep, focus on work, read, watch a movie, or anything. It's extremely distracting and I am about to have a nervous break down. If anyone can shed some light on this please post what info you have . I have scheduled a Dr's appointment but am so scared about this; if it can't be fixed, I don't know what I'll do.

Comment by Jeff Malez on Wed 20, Mar 2013 07:37pm:
I have this problem from time to time. Take Magnesium Oxide and it'll go has come back but as long as you take the Mag-Oxide every couple days it's gone.....just an idea...maybe it will work for you

Comment by Cindy on Sat 21, Sep 2013 01:45pm:
I too have had these symptoms but I really noticed it while I was standing still. I am 55, apparently healthy, have had many health items checked, but this symptom just started within the last few months. It isn't irritating, as it is unnerving. It remains in the pelvic region and it is sporatic . curiously wondering what this was.

Comment by Jeff Kaufman on Sat 11, Jan 2014 10:08am:
I was just wondering if any of you had Hydrocodone cough syrup before the vibrations started. Cause I am having the same issues as everyone else after taking this medication.

Comment by David Johnson on Fri 28, Mar 2014 10:13am:
I, too, feel like a cell phone on vibrate just above my pelvis. I went to the doctor who listened with a stethoscope then forwarded me to ultrasound. I am 48, relatively good shape, great blood pressure. They listened to my arteries and scanned the area, but are unable to detect anything with that. I varied my heart beat to see if it was related, and it was not. So...the vibration is not significant, and not constant, again, the duration is about 1/2 second. with 1-2 seconds between.

Comment by Andy on Fri 22, Aug 2014 07:01pm:
I also have the same vibration on my right side pelvic area & did not get it until after my 1st colonoscopy exam in 2012 anything to do with that ?

Comment by rachel richmond on Fri 06, Mar 2015 09:27am:
Omg! I was so worried people would think I'm crazy! Obviously other people have this also! Mine started about 5 days ago! It feels like a cell phone sitting on my lap. It also does a stop and go almost like Morse code. Doctors cant find anything to justify why its doing this they can feel it, and they can hear it. He agreed it sounded like Morse code. What is going on?!?!?

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