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Pea-sized lump in neck found

Asked by annie1234 (Female; 27; no ill medical history; Relevant drugs:no Rx ) on Thu 15, Jul 2010 05:33pm

I was rubbing my neck the other night and found 1 pea-sized lump that is painless and movable...Then 3 days later, not being able to stop feeling my neck or getting it off my mind...I think i found a deeper but second nodule that is not as movable or pronounced, but is just a 1/2 cm below the first one. I have been working on an old house/business, that is very dusty and dirty and i have been painting a lot. Plus 2-3 months ago i had a bad sinus infection that my doctor never gave me an antibiotic for... I have searched my body for other lumps and so far i have thankfully found nothing. I am a 27 female. Should i be concerned of Cancer....that is where my fear lays. I have no other symptoms of feeling bad at all....i have lots of energy, eat well, sleep well, feel good...but since i found this lump i have been very scared.

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Answer by Dr.Kokil Mathur  on Thu 15, Jul 2010 06:00pm:

Hi! Welcome to the forum. Since you are otherwise healthy, had sinus infection in recent past, work in a dusty environment, it is possible that the pea size lumps are swollen lymphnodes. Generally a lymph node may swell in response to local infection or inflammation to ward off the spread of the same. This node can then persist for months without any cause of concern and should be left alone. Other possibility of a pea size lump could be a neurofibroma (collection of nerve and fibrous tissue) or a lipoma. It could also be a small cyst and the deeper one could be a lymph node. All these are harmless swellings. Watch the lump. Do not touch everyday but once in 10-15 days. If the lump increases in size, becomes painful, changes color, bleeds, changes shape or consistency or more similar lumps appear then consult a doctor. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!

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Comment by Dr Kristine Miguel on Thu 15, Jul 2010 06:44pm:
Hi. I agree with Dr Kokil that neck lumps could be a sign of an enlarging lymph node in the response to an infection. However, in case the nodes begin to develop swelling, redness or pain, it may suggest that the affected node has been infected too (lymphadenitis). In this case, antibiotics may be necessary. It might be best that you see your doctor for evaluation. Hope this helps.

Comment by Dr Kristine Miguel on Fri 16, Jul 2010 06:35am:
Hi. In addition, in patients with unexplained localized lymphadenopathy and a reassuring clinical picture, a three- to four-week period of observation is appropriate before biopsy. On the other hand, patients with localized lymphadenopathy and a non-assuring clinical picture, or those with generalized lymphadenopathies may need further investigation aside from biopsy. A monospot test, IgM serology studies, PPD, liver function tests, RPR, blood smears or culture may be performed in order to determine the cause of an enlarging lymph node. Hope this helps.

Comment by annie1234 on Mon 26, Jul 2010 04:44pm:
I went to the Doctor that Monday. She did not seem to be worried about the lymph nodes at all...or how many i had in my neck. Which as i started feeling around...within the next few days several more popped up. I started showing big signs of allergies that Monday as well...dripping nose, sneezes that were constant, cough, no fever or far the only lymph glands that i have found are in the upper and lower high as the head meets neck and as low as the collar bone area and are not at all sore. I am still freaking out... even though she gave be a 5 day antibiotic they are still just as swollen as before. She said that allergens could be the cause of this and if they were not down in a few weeks to a month then i could get a biopsy done if i wanted too. But i asked her about could it be cancer...and she said that i am not showing any other symptoms of cancer, like swelling, open sore, excessive weight loss. But i am just upset because i have read cancer horror stories...and i just don't want to be stupid and be ignoring any small sign to cancer that i have now to fight with. But something else that does make me think it could be just allergies is every time i sneeze like 10-12 times in a row..the lymph glands in the throat that a good sign? thanks for reading and caring. Annie.

Comment by Dr.Kokil Mathur on Mon 26, Jul 2010 08:59pm:
Hi! If you are having allergic symptoms, are sneezing and lymph nodes are small and appearing, then it could be due to a bad allergic reaction or even due to mono or due to streptococcal infection. It is unlikely to be due to cancer. Take the antibiotic course and antiallergics and if your sneezing stops and no fresh nodes appear, then the present nodes will settle down in a month or two. There is no need to panic as this is normal body reaction to localized infections. Take care!

Comment by admin on Thu 10, Feb 2011 10:58pm:
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Comment by TJ on Sun 08, May 2011 01:06am:
Hey there, I just recently had the same thing happen to me as well. Swollen nodes in left side of my neck, and one single swollen node on the left side of my groin. (is that normal? They haven't appeared anywhere else.) I'm very worried as well. I'm a 16 year old male with really bad allergies, might I add. I've been on the 5 day antibiotic, but it didn't seem to do much. I have no pain and no other symptoms. I am a type 1 diabetic also.

Comment by Emer on Sun 08, May 2011 06:12pm:
Hi, Have chronic sinus pain in face/head and have suffered from sinus in the past but this feels like an infection as have draining from back of nose down throat. What really concerns me is I found one movable pea sized lump in my neck on right hand size and a week later have found a second lump.Please advise as am terrified after reading diff sites talking about hodgkins. Is it likely these lumps are a reaction to sinus infection?

Comment by on Mon 09, May 2011 12:17am:
Since you are having recent symptoms of sinusitis in the past and post nasal drip due to mucus congestion, these swollen bumps can be due to swollen lymph nodes and to confirm the diagnosis, you need to get a FNAC (fine needle aspiration cytology) done.

Comment by Jasmine on Sun 04, Mar 2012 10:58am:
Hello there, I to have found a pea sized lump on the left side of my neck. It has been there for a couple of months now and has grown, i found another little one on the right side of my neck, they move around also. I've been loosing weight and I haven't been dieting! I have been non stop itchy, mainly on my lower legs, i itch until I bleed! Should I be concerned?!?

Comment by leah on Wed 07, Mar 2012 04:57pm:
hello i am an 18 year old girl, i have also found a small pea sized lump in my throat area on the left hand side. i also have swollen tonsils twice the size of the normal size. i went and seen my GP yesterday and i told him i couldnt breathe and it felt like my throat was closing up on me. i have not yet had any throat pain and my nose leaks alot with snot that gets stuck at the back of my throat. my family have also had the flu/cold and they have all exspianced the symptoms from the common cold but i dont get how my thrat isn't sore? the doctor said i have tonsilitis which is a viral infection in my throat right? and the pea sized lump was a swollen lymphnode and its doing its job by fighting the viral infection away. is that right also? i also get headaches and shooting pain up my neck and in my left shoulder. is this really what it is? im scared because i have been reading about that cancer in the lymphnodes. i also have an anxiety disorder were all i do all day is worry about my health!! im always tired and on edge and anxious about everything. it takes alot out of me. any information would be good so i can stop worrying :( thanks.

Comment by Tammy on Mon 28, May 2012 12:52pm:
I just recently found the same pea size knot on the back side of my neck...I went to the doctor and she said it was a swollen lymph node...I just think the important thing is to not think everything you read on the internet is happening to you....that could terrify anyone. Just go to the doctor get his medical opinion and some tests if he thinks they need to be done. Reading "symptom descriptions" off the net could have you diagnosed with just about anything. I spent alot of years detailing private jets, I was concerned about cancer cause of all the cleaning agents, jet fuel etc I have come in contact with. But the best thing is to just go to the doctor, get some tests and take a deep breath. :)

Comment by jo on Mon 04, Jun 2012 09:12am:
I have had a constant headache for about four months, I also have had a small pea size lump on the right side of my neck which is not visible for the about the same duration of my headache.. When I touch it, it does not hurt, and slips on my finger when I touch then goes back to place. This side of my neck is sore but that is probably because I have be touching it. My GP has referred me to a neurologist re headaches but I have not mentioned the small lump. I have had them before but usually go within a few days. I eat well, exercise regularly and have not had any infections recently. Could the lump be related to my headache. i assume the lump is just a cyst? What would you suggest? I feel embarassed about going to my GP again as it is prob nothing. Would really apprecite some advice. Thanks

Comment by Renee on Fri 13, Jul 2012 04:59pm:
Hello I also been having the same problem ive had this small lump on the inside of my neck and I get headaches I dont know if its due to the lump im realy concerned about it iv had it for months now. Please let me know.

Comment by SONJI on Mon 27, Aug 2012 12:09am:

Comment by Alice on Tue 08, Jan 2013 02:26pm:
I had the same thing, and the doctor said it was a nodule on my thyroid. I have one on both sides of my neck.

Comment by Kaylene on Fri 01, Feb 2013 02:40pm:
I have had a small bump in my neck for years and I've just noticed that I've got one on the other same which is bigger. I haven't had weight loss but I'm so tired all the time and I suffer terrible headaches. I'm 26 and a mother of 4 and worried!

Comment by Sarah on Sun 07, Dec 2014 04:41am:
Hi I am 30 and a really heavy smoker and drinker I have found a pea sized movable lump on the right side of my neck further down than ear but in line with it, I do always feel light headed lately with a cough and a croaky voice do I have cancer?

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