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Discolored semen (brownish).

Asked by boymarine (Male; 79; Mild BPH. Vasectomy in 1992; Biopsy of prostate before Laser (green light) ablation of prostate in 1997.; Relevant drugs:No medications ) on Mon 12, Jul 2010 10:30am

My last urologist exam was in January. PSA good, urine is clear, and erections are firm. There is some discoloration in semen(brownish)has appeared. What's my problem? Thank you.

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Answer by Dr. Srivastava  on Mon 12, Jul 2010 11:12am:

Hello Sir, Thank you for writing in this forum. Brownish discoloration of semen is an indication of some mild to moderate bleeding source along the seminal tract which may be due to mild prostatitis or might have occurred due to injury to small blood vessels on the prostate gland/testicles and lastly due to bladder infections. Though the bleeding may subside on its own in many mild cases as this may occur due to rupture of minor veins in or around testicles caused by rough handling but an examination by an urologist is important to check the health of prostate and seminal vesicles through urine tests and ultrasound( if recommended by his doctor upon examination). Your age and past history of BPH brings you to the risk categories of prostatitis and even any possible malignancy therefore it becomes difficult to ignore any such signs. Your last check-up was about 6 months ago therefore a follow-up is recommended due to such suspicious signs(esp. in case of persistent brownish discoloration for more than few days). Hope this helps. Take care and do keep us posted in case of any further doubts.

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Comment by Dr J Singh on Mon 12, Jul 2010 11:24am:
Hello, The presence of blood in the semen (ejaculate) is also called hematospermia. The potential causes have been very well explained by Dr Anurag. Blood in semen can be caused by many conditions affecting the male genitourinary system. These include infections like herpes, Chlamydia, cytomegalovirus, trichominiasis ; inflammation of the prostate (prostatitis), epididymis (epididymitis), or urethra (urethritis) ; calculi (stones )in the seminal vesicles or prostate ; polyps in the urethra ; ejaculation-duct obstructions ; cysts, hemorrhage, or other abnormalities in the seminal vesicles and benign or malignant tumors. I agree with Dr Anurag that with your history of BPH, any malignancy of the prostate needs to be ruled out. You need to get PSA and ultrasound/ MRI prostate done apart from urine and semen examination. My sincere advice would be to consult a urologist. I hope it helps. Take care and please do keep us posted in case you have any additional doubts. Kind regards.

Comment by tom on Wed 08, Sep 2010 05:45am:
hi i have recently been to see a doctor, and i have been diagnosed with a bladder infection, the Epididymis is swollen, it has only swollen up in the last day or two. my urine was a dark yellow and smelt strong, he has given me penicillin to take for a week, but i have now noticed my semen is a browny colour to it? i would appreciate it if you could get bck to me on this one is it normal to have this wen you have a bladder infection?

Comment by on Mon 07, Feb 2011 01:52am:
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Comment by Michael Syrowski on Tue 24, Jul 2012 04:33pm:
I have read the above the above articles and responses. I had a morphine pump installed about 2 years ago, for pain in my back. Immediately after the surgery, the very next day, I felt like I passed a stone. Since then I have a complete lack of desire and my semen is a redish, yellowish, color and is watery . I am having on and off pains on both sides of my abdomen but primarily on my left and at times is excruciating. Colonoscopy came back good. Is an endoscopy next? I hope not. What are the possible complications if I continue to put this off ? Communicable disease is not an option, at least I don't think so. I have been married 12 years and faithful. Any ideas as to a possible cause? Lots of questions,, thanks for your help.

Comment by Jay Blaylock on Thu 23, Aug 2012 07:24am:
I am 70 years old and I ejaculate on average of one or two times a week. My semen recently has a brown color. It has always been cloudy white before . I have no urinary problems I know of. I take blood pressure meds. I also have had herpes since about 30 years old. Why the discoloration and what do I need to do.

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